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When you are a big star you have to accept the fact that you will be the target for all sorts of rumors. That is the case with Wentworth Miller, the news have been released the information that he is engaged, with that fact we come to the conclusion that somewhere really exist a person who is Wentworth Miller girlfriend 2013.

Wentworth Miller girlfriend?

Great information!

Is it someone famous or we are talking here about the high school love? It is something we would never know but we can guess surly about Wentworth Miller girlfriend 2013 for hours. The real story lays in the fact that Wentworth Miller doesn’t like people to know more about his personal life and because of that you will never see him gave statements in which you can read about his family, his real life and the places he likes, something more about his vacation and people he likes to call when he is tired of filming. Life of a super star isn’t easy! You can see it wherever you turn your head, it just the question of the how big professional you can be. You can be a big star even if you don’t share all your personal details with audience, indeed people love that but you will lose all your privacy and people will think they know you.

Wentworth Miller


The matter about Wentworth Miller girlfriend 2013 got really complicated when one of the best known newspapers published the information about engage rings and the shopping weekend Wentworth Miller had. That information blow people’s mind and you could see all his fans going crazy and wondering about the secret woman, Wentworth Miller girlfriend 2013. His life was complicated in the minute he signed for a television show, where he was playing a smart brother who helps the other one to run from jail. On that road he will meet the love of his life. People who work for the government will follow him and his life in the television show starts to be too hard for him and so on.

Wentworth Miller

He is a star, is she?

Think that a girl from television show could be Wentworth Miller girlfriend 2013? I had a similar idea but that is just impossible. You have to have a real good imagination if you want to think that way. You can see Wentworth Miller girlfriend 2013 on some photos but her identity will remain a secret as long as he doesn’t speak publicly about her. If you have some creative solutions and answers share them with us and maybe we can find the answer together, maybe w can find out who is the girl Wentworth Miller dreams about!